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     Hey guys. Guess who’s birthday is?? ME!!! So, you better comment “Happy Birthday” or something Jack and Sonic thing – a – ma – giggy. Also, we are starting Jack and Sonic 7. Yay! So, I also wanted to show you some info about my birthday.
                            Exact Time – 11 : 00 AM

                            Baby Weight – 7.11 (Taller than my sister’s baby

     Those are some facts I wanted to spread around. I am also writing a story called,”AMSABH B – DAY!”. It’s all about when my birthday party is at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria and Jack and Sonic get into alot of trouble with the animontronics. Also, make sure you see my next blog. I’ll tell you some parts to the story, and a sneek peek, or a read – on of “Golden Shadow ( Chapter 1 ) ( 1rst Story )”!



     As I was saying, these two pics are the two posters I putted as the story posts. Anyway, I think that’s it for today. So, yeah, I got to start doing my story. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.