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Never watch Scary stuff about Teens Reaction

                                   Five Nights at Freddy’s


     As you can see the picture on the top, those teens look very scared. That’s how scared I was! :-S If my mom caught me seeing that, she would ground me for life. My best friend, Katelyn, was trying to make me watch it. I kept on backing up when Bonnie kept on yapping at Rachel. Who does that? Aparently them. The only character they found was Bonnie. There was some cying, and some laughing, plus screaming. If I were them, I rather run out of that show, but in secret.

Rule fo kids: Don’t ever watch scary stuff. Only 10 and up can play or watch people play the game. Whatever you do, never be scared of what you see.

                                            Sonic EXE


     If you ever seen Sonic and Sega videogames which are not really that scary, this is one videogame which you never seen before. Sonic EXE is a real life game, but Sega didn’t make this. This is way scarier than Jack and Sonic 4. If you ever notice that in Jack and Sonic 4 that Sonic defeat Sonic EXE, well this is a way different ending. The teens were really freak out about this game, and this is not for 10 and up… then WHY AM I 10???!!! o_O Anyway, the game was never made by any videogame maker, this was probably invented by a secret creepypaster. In Ash and the House of Demons, I deafeat him. In this game, lots of stuff our more creepy. You never want to play a game like this.

                                         Don’t be Scared


     Like this picture,”<3 Keep calm and don't be scared", is a very helpful way not to be scared. I will give you 5 tips to not be scared. If you see the white star on the last one ( number 5 ), that means it's really important. Enjoy the tips! 🙂

1: When you watch a scary game or video, don't watch the video or game again.

2: Try to make sure that you're old enough to play the game.

3: If you are alot more younger, go to a parent and tell them what you saw.

4: When you are alot more older which could still be scared, try thinking of happy thoughts. ( always helps me )

☆5: Always Read Descripton First!!! 😉

     So, did the tips helped? You can go to http://Ashleigh Believe and you can find more Jack and Sonic and other blogs on the website! You can comment any blog you want exept for the Need more Comments thing – a – ma – giggy. See ya soon, and don’t be scared tonight. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.


Why am I the ONLY GIRL?!

     In the YMCA, I was going to the Thanksgivig camp. When I first walked in, all that I see are boys! o_O I couldn’t belive it! First I watch Teens Reaction to Five Nights at Freddie’s and Sonic EXE, then get ready, then was waiting like 2 hours because of mom, then soon as I get in there, ALL BOYS!!! This is all I could say to them,” Adios amigos.”. When I got home, my sister was wondering why I was back. I told her, ” No girls, no camp.” She understood what happened. This is why I never go to a camp full of boys! It’s like I’m the only girl in Louisiana! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity. Not really it just happened naturally.