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Knuckles and Vermone / Jack and Sonic Episode 11: The New Echidna


  Vermone is a new character in Jack and Sonic. The episode comes out Jun. 14th, 2015 – Sunday. Vermone is an echidna like Knuckles and some people actually think that Knuckles and Vermone in Jack and Sonic are brothers…😓 Oddest thing I ever said…Okay then. Vermone is all in red. Litterally, the cape, the eyes, the fur, EVERYTHING!!! The actent sounds different from others. It sounds like a 17 year old spanish man. He’s not like others.

  Vermone dated Rosetta (like Knux and Rosetta in Jack and Sonic 7) until Rosetta gone .exe (if you know what I mean) If you don’t, look at the name Sonic.exe over and over again. You’ll find the answer. 😁 Here’s some comments from the episode.

What are you? Another me? Awsome!

– Knuckles

Jack! There’s another echidna in the house!

– Sonic

Well. Well. Well…Looks like Knux and Verm wants to fight with me…again…Let’s dance!…

– Rosetta.exe

Okay, am I seeing double? Because, I am not on consious.

– Tails

My mind is magically blown because of ya’ll..

– Jack

Could I ask you a question?…*looks left and right*…Are you Knuckles’s brother or are you his cousin?…

– Rouge

Though everyone keeps on talking about us looking alike, we not like brothers or anything like that…Right?

– Vermone

Really, you had to make another you? Someone’s got some explaining to do…

– Shadow

Now I got to watch you two up in Heaven…Okay, fine, just no rouse housing Knux and Verm.


Well, our brother secret is only safe with us…Okay……

– Knuckles and Vermone

  Okay, I know the reason why Silver didn’t comment, but you can find out why in Jack and Sonic Episode 11: The New Echidna. That’s i-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *glitching* *Sonic.exe laugh*

Sonic.exe: You thought that she could escape…*Sonic.exe*…

Help!!! He’s sitting on me!!! Don’t worry about me guys…This has been going on…Um…See ya’ll later…*glitches*