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  Hello everyone! AMSABH here! My birthday is coming up in a few days! 😋 There’s gonna be a new episode of Jack and Sonic! It’s called,“Happy B-day AMSABH!!!” I can’t wait for the day!

  Anyway, Maddy keeps fangirling over Springtrap. Litterally!… Okay, I know. My friend is in love with a burned up, killing monstrousity, withered bunny who is possessed by a purple, children killing physco.
Where did I get that definition? Look it up in a dictionary! DUH! Proof. Look at this picture down below…

                                      (Da proof is Rweal!)

  There you have it! The true, one, and only Maddy! 👏👏👏 That is how upsessed she is with Springy… While-


Me: Oh no…😓

Jack: If ya’ll don’t know who Jonic the Hedgehog is, this is a picture of him.


Me: Jack! Not the time right now! No! No! Get out of here! Go away!

Jack: She dumped the guy!

Me: GO AWAY!!!

Jack: Cause he cheated!

Me: NOO!!!

Jack: And fell into the “man” of her dream’s arms! 🙄

Me: GOOO!!!

Jack: And his name IS…

Me: DON’T SAY IT!!!!

(Sonic zooms in.)

Sonic: Give them hints first!

Jack: Nah! You tell them “the GOOD stuff”…

Sonic: What ev. 😝

Me: Oh my GOSH!!

(Sonic does a derp face.)

Sonic: He starts with an “F” and his last name is Fazbear…

Me: SHUT UP!!!

J & S: Mr. Good Old FREDDY FAZBEAR!!!

Me: 😭


Me: (still 😭) Why did you SAY IT?!?!

Jack: IDK! But I love doing that…

Me: My gosh…

Jack: TEE-HEE!!!

Sonic: Good bye.

Jack: Good bye!

J & S: GOOD BYE!!!

(The loonatics run off.)

  Uh… Sorry about that… Anyway, this is oddly it of this…Bye everyone!!!

(Jack comes in the room?)

Jack: By the way, all you Google+ lovers and EthGoesBOOM lovers check out AMSABH_JACK AND SONIC_FNAF’s comment in the one year anniversary of EthGoesBOOM!!! Seventh comment!!!

Me: JAAAACK!!!!!

{The End! (ugh)}



Jack… Sonic… Shadow…STOP SAYING SILVER!!!


     OH MY GOSH!!! EVERYONE HAS TO STOP SAYING SILVER!!! Someone slap my face already! I can’t stand my word! I wish that I could lock up Jack in a strayjacket…but it’s not belief like. Eversince yesterday and today, all they kept on talking about was Silver. Ugh! o_O I hate when they easily talk about Silver…or Blaze too…I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!!! Things are getting suspicious and I’m gonna find out tomorrow! First, Oogie arrives and found the True Power of the Chaos Emeralds. Then, Team Jack and Sonic trying to save Team Dimension from an Oogie trap. And now, I’m wondering…is Silver flirting with Blaze?! 😮

     Here are some comments in the Jack and Sonic cast about Silvaze.

Jack- Omg with the what the what how the heck that happened infront of my face! SILVER AND BLAZE ARE IN LOVE?! :-*

Sonic- What the heck?! I never knew…but in my mind…

Shadow- What the h***?! What the f***?! Why would Silver date Blaze?!

Tails- How does this happen so quickly?!

Knuckles- I could imagine the wedding where Silver takes her by the hand and says I do. Oh gosh. This is gonna be awsome.

Amy- I knew that Blaze would fall for him. ❤

Cream- It's very lucky for them to have them in true love.

Big- I'm so happy! 😀

Rouge- I thought they are just getting this over with and now we got to wait for Jack and Sonic 5 to hear her answer! How does this story end? o_O

Omega- True love has come to him, so he let it out.

Marine- I can’t wait for Blaze’s answer! A yes, or a no? NO ONE KNOWS! >:)

Caroline- If it’s a yes, I scream in laughter. 😀

Sky- This is amazing!

Coa-coa- Silver and Blaze…sitting in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!! :*)

Ellen- This is very odd to see. -:)

Elise- I am so gonna take pictures! >:)

Blaze- What is everyone talking about?

Silver- I don’t know…not a 2006 call I think…


                                     Knuckle’s Idea of

     I really don’t get why that Knuckles would be thinking that. I don’t want to know etheir. Oh great. Well, I really can’t deal with this yet. I gotta deal with Oogie. Bye! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.

Silver- Finally, I’m over with… what is that?!