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   I felt so sorry for people which have ebola right now and I think we could all agree that we should help people with ebola. I was scared and frightned of what they said about this monstrosity. In the library of Schneckenburger Elementary ( where I go to for school ) apparently talked about ebola. Ms. Broussard told my fellow classmates that people from Africa are now having the ebola virus.

   She said,”This is never a silly thing. We shall talk to others what is ebola like and what do they do if they did have ebola.”. So right away when I got home, I prayed to God for the people which had ebola not to have it anymore. No one ever want to have their ears, mouth, nose, or eyes bleed. As everyone can see, no one could resist the ebola virus.


    As you can see on the top, a ebola diagram is there. There is the headache, red eyes, pharynx and lungs, chestpain, muscular, stomach, joints, skin, and intestines. That is what comes with ebola which we all hate.


    Somehow, this guy had us all worried about ebola in North America! He was a guy which got to go to Africa and got ebola. Doctors and nurses got him back to America and took care of him while the ebola virus was going on. At least, after that monstrosity, he was okay and never gone to Africa again, probuly.
    So, now everyone was safe from ebola, but there might be still someone which is gonna have the same idea and the same problem as the man. We know that ebola is still around and that is not gonna change our minds of not saving them. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.