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  Hello everyone! AMSABH here! My birthday is coming up in a few days! 😋 There’s gonna be a new episode of Jack and Sonic! It’s called,“Happy B-day AMSABH!!!” I can’t wait for the day!

  Anyway, Maddy keeps fangirling over Springtrap. Litterally!… Okay, I know. My friend is in love with a burned up, killing monstrousity, withered bunny who is possessed by a purple, children killing physco.
Where did I get that definition? Look it up in a dictionary! DUH! Proof. Look at this picture down below…

                                      (Da proof is Rweal!)

  There you have it! The true, one, and only Maddy! 👏👏👏 That is how upsessed she is with Springy… While-


Me: Oh no…😓

Jack: If ya’ll don’t know who Jonic the Hedgehog is, this is a picture of him.


Me: Jack! Not the time right now! No! No! Get out of here! Go away!

Jack: She dumped the guy!

Me: GO AWAY!!!

Jack: Cause he cheated!

Me: NOO!!!

Jack: And fell into the “man” of her dream’s arms! 🙄

Me: GOOO!!!

Jack: And his name IS…

Me: DON’T SAY IT!!!!

(Sonic zooms in.)

Sonic: Give them hints first!

Jack: Nah! You tell them “the GOOD stuff”…

Sonic: What ev. 😝

Me: Oh my GOSH!!

(Sonic does a derp face.)

Sonic: He starts with an “F” and his last name is Fazbear…

Me: SHUT UP!!!

J & S: Mr. Good Old FREDDY FAZBEAR!!!

Me: 😭


Me: (still 😭) Why did you SAY IT?!?!

Jack: IDK! But I love doing that…

Me: My gosh…

Jack: TEE-HEE!!!

Sonic: Good bye.

Jack: Good bye!

J & S: GOOD BYE!!!

(The loonatics run off.)

  Uh… Sorry about that… Anyway, this is oddly it of this…Bye everyone!!!

(Jack comes in the room?)

Jack: By the way, all you Google+ lovers and EthGoesBOOM lovers check out AMSABH_JACK AND SONIC_FNAF’s comment in the one year anniversary of EthGoesBOOM!!! Seventh comment!!!

Me: JAAAACK!!!!!

{The End! (ugh)}