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                          Issue – Phantom Freddy’s exoskeleton

                          Found – Knuckles the Echidna

                          When – 3 / 16 / 15

                          Game – FNAF 3

     This was an odd sight! Jack started the big news, then Sonic, then Tails, then almost about the whole cast of Jack and Sonic!

     Knuckles usually is the impossible of FNAF. He’s the one which usually make, let me guess, the most glitches. He made two. Let me show you them.

“Stay In Your Room”

To make the glitch, you must act like you’re trying to do the gitch, – “Fazbear Mask” ( only in FNAF 2 DEMO ). You do the Fazbear Mask 2x and the camera 2x. Then, you do both 3x, then 4x, then 5x, then you go crazy! Click it as many times as you can! 😝


• “Do You See Phantom Freddy’s exoskeleton?”

To make this glitch, or if you go on to Night 3, ACT like it’s NIGHT 5 OR NIGHTMARE MODE!!!



     Knuckles was playing it normal and he goes ahead and act like it was Night 5 all over again! I was mad at him because he was playing on my tab. “My gi-osh,” he screamed! “What,” I said. “Phantom,” Knux screamed,”Freddy’s…EXOSKELETONOOOOOOO!!!” “NO WAY,” we all screamed. Even though he died, that was awsome!!!😁

     I guess he was lucky! Though I hate his guts, still worth it. So, – that’s all I wanted to say or talk about. People were starting to make glitches and he started the mess. FNAF 3 glitches are finally found! Please like this blog! Bye! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity! Not really because it just happened! LOL! 😄