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Knuckles the Animontronic Echidna?!


     WHOA! WHAT HAPPENED TO KNUX?! Long story…Very long story…This was a very wild surprise I done…When I mean I done, I mean I made him look like some crazy animontronic version of him. I think this involves with the movie Jack and Sonic 4 – A Fazbear Halloween . Comes out in Volume 3. Oh boy…

     Anyway, BREAKING NEWS!!! Knucksetta out…KNUCKOUGE IN!!! I know…EXCITING!!! Sorry, got carried away. (clear throat)

     So, here’s the deal. It was very close to midnight, (thank you mom for being asleep). Knuckles was asleep the past few, a let me guess,- 4 hours. Tails was the one annoyed. So, he tried to make Knuckles awake. Plan A was pinching his arm. That didn’t work. Tails was looking around to find some clues.

     He saw a picture that said IT’S ME! Then, he saw a poster of Golden Freddy on the wall. The other side of the wall said IT’S ME also. Then, he heard laughing right behind him. Jack looked behind also. Jack screeched as he saw Golden Freddy behind him and ran off. Tails was trapped. Golden Freddy screamed as loud as he always was. Tails covered his ears. Freddy popped out of the vents and screamed to make Golden Freddy shut up.

     Golden Freddy dissapeared. The words dissapeared. Mostly everything that Golden Freddy caused dissapeared. Tails got the idea. Plan B was Freddy screaming in his ear causing Knuckles to scream. It sorta worked. There was a scream out of Freddy, but no scream out of Knuckles. At least, he woke up. All that Knuckles could say was, “Really…Really…Can’t believe you Tails and Freddy…” Tails was mad…very mad. He just had to go on to Plan C – attaking Knuckles with Tailses character.

     Tails brought out Chica, his character. He told Chica to attack the heck out of Knuckles. And…she did…and everyone heard….


     Knuckles had the scar near his eye. He sat on Tails. Chica looked at them like they were crazy. She went back into the vents. Tails said,”Don’t tell me Freddy will pop out of the vents while laughing…”
And…It happened… Then, that’s where the mistake happened.

     I said, “That’s it…Knuckles!…” With my belief powers, I made the scar dissapear and made him go up by the roof. I grabbed Jack’s wond and turned him into an animontronic! Well, I just thought random and it selected that. He fell down to the ground. When he got up, his fur was no longer there, it was metal. His purple eyes were glowing, litteraly. His golves were stuck on. His hair was no longer, it was stuck together. The wierdest part of all, his voice changed to an animontronic’s voice.

     We all gasped. We heard the animontronics coming and popped out of the vents. Freddy was laughing at first. Then, he stopped like he was scared. All the animontronics looked at Knuckles. He looked back. They all screamed and we covered our ears! Knuckles was the only one not covering his ears! He screamed back at them to go into the attic. All the animontronics went back in the attic in about 5 seconds! Now that’s a new record.

     Knuckles looked at himself saying,”H – H – o – ow did I scream like them? Why am I made out of m – m – e – tal?! Someo – on – ne understand?! ANYONE???!!!” We all looked at Knuckles saying,”Oh my gosh….” He ran back to the bedroom. Everyone looked at me. I felt embarrassed.

     Shadow came out of his room and yelled,”TONIGHT’S NIGHT 7!!!” We all laughed. Knuckles looked at us like we were having fun. He wasn’t. Bonnie popped out of the vents and stepped out. “B – B- B – B – o – onnie…”, Knuckles glitched. “Is it hard being an animontronic?” Bonnie answered,”Yes…..and no…..It is hard because you might get torn up and rott’in. It’s not that hard because you can scare the heck out of people if you know what I mean…” “At least, you’re the only one w – w – h – h – ich understands me.”, Knuckles smiled. “Thank you for the a – a – nsw – e -er.” “You’re welcome!”, Bonnie smiled along. “Wanna come to the vents with me?! It’s easy! Don’t panic!” “S – S – S – ure!”, Knuckles ran. They both ran into the vents.

     At least it was a happy ending. So, we will fix him up soon. And, I’m really sure that he’ll get used to it. So, um, that’s it for this blog. See my other blogs, comment, and make sure you like! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.