Mangle is FOUND as a NEW CHARACTER of Jack and Sonic?!


     As you can see by the title and this picture which represents Mangle is a NEW character of Jack and Sonic! She is torn up even more and suprisenly wasn’t in the vents! She was found in the chimely like the Marionette and Balloon Boy. The Marionette was sort of the same story to hers, but Balloon Boy’s story was way different. Here’s the story of how we found Mangle.

       My friend Heather ( the one which proved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was real ) was the one which had Mangle in the house.
Coa – coa was the only one which could get Mangle. Yesterday at Heather’s house, Coa – coa had to complete the mission. Coa – coa saw Mangle in the vents looking around and saw Coa – coa. Mangle went out of the vents and viewed Coa – coa again. Mangle spoke out,”Hi. I am Mangle. Mangle the fox. Are you lost in the House of Heather?” Coa – coa shook her head slowly.

Mangle spoke out,”Are you from the House of Jack and Sonic?” Coa – coa nodded her head.”Well…”, Mangle spoke again. “Since you are from Jack and Sonic…and Heather likes that…and her friend is AMSABH…I guess you can come meet Heather though it is close to midnight.” Coa – coa said,” Oh…well…Jack and Sonic need you and um…I have no time to meet Heather. You need to see them right now immediately! Orders from Coa – coa Marionette Sipple/Hope!”

     They both ran out of the house and hurried up their speed because for no one to see Mangle. The next morning, we found her with Coa – coa. And that was the story how we found Mangle. ;-D This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.



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