Shadow and the Genie


     After this Christmas, Jack and Sonic 6 is coming out! 😀 This is gonna be a very exciting movie and the true name of this movie is
“Happy Wish Year!”. Shadow hasn’t been able to be with Maria for a very long time, probably 3 or 4 months now. She was forced to talk with Julian ( her uncle/Eggman ) everyday, but Shadow found another way to deal with that situation. If you ever watch the part in Jack and Sonic 5 where Tails was giving Anabelle the gift, that’s Shadow’s target! He found out that Shadow’s target was really a gennie suprise!

      Mepiliesa was her name. Sonic and the Secret Rings, AGAIN?! Hah! Who cares? No one… Mephiliesa was another sign of Mephiles. Though she is a good guy, doesn’t mean she’s all good. The most powerful evil she could do is when your wishes come unexpectedly wrong. You weren’t thinking about what it’s like, not the image or the saying. She will be watching for people who don’t watch out for what they wish for and who does. Be careful what you wish for…

     Shadow didn’t know about how her power could be dangerous. The only thing he knowed that he was going to be in good-luck-shape. Instead, a disaster he wished. Would Maria forgive him or wouldn’t remember a thing. Find out in Jack and Sonic 6! For good luck Shadow and for great golly Maria.



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