Jack and Sonic Christmas

     Well, it’s the end of Creepypaster Season and it’s CHRISTMAS TIME!!! 😀 Kinda… well you see…. um… oh! If you were wonding a few weeks ago why Silver wrote that crazy post about Oogie and I was wonding about this sentence he wrote and it said –

Blaze… I wanted to tell you this since 2006, but couldn’t. Before I have a heart attack, Blaze… I…. I…. I lo………………….. STAY TOONED!!!”

     I was very shocked of why he putted that, but I knew what he was about to say. It was going to be in Jack and Sonic 5, but he could take it that long. For 8 years he was waiting to tell her that. The main part I was confused about was when it said ………….. STAY TOONED!!!. It didn’t make sence. It’s like he was about to tell her, but he was grabbed by someone else and the person which done that putted the dots and the STAY TOONED part. He said to not tell me ( amsabh ) about this, but I had proof I already knew he was going to post the message.

• He wouldn’t tell me if he could have the device for a sec. I gave him a few minutes and when I mean 5, I don’t mean 35.

● I eavesdropped about Silver telling Jack, Sonic, and Shadow the plan he had. ( not too secretive anymore )

● I also eavesdropped on Shadow telling Amy and Maria what they were going to do while Silver was doing that. ( having a girls night out thing which I really don’t do )

● Blaze was telling me that Silver was gone for a very long time and telling me this –

Though that Silver is so naive… I can’t believe I’m saying this….but… I know he likes me.”

     I know! I can’t believe she said that too! I know Silver would faint over this but this has gone way too far! Plus the worst part is that Christmas is tomorrow and everyone is going to see the truth!

    Wait a minute! I forgot something to tell you! There is some good news! Jack and Sonic 6 will come out on December 30, 2014 and Five Nights at Freddy’s is not a fear anymore! This might be my last blog for this year, but don’t worry. This is not my very last one! So everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 😀




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