Why am I the ONLY GIRL?!

     In the YMCA, I was going to the Thanksgivig camp. When I first walked in, all that I see are boys! o_O I couldn’t belive it! First I watch Teens Reaction to Five Nights at Freddie’s and Sonic EXE, then get ready, then was waiting like 2 hours because of mom, then soon as I get in there, ALL BOYS!!! This is all I could say to them,” Adios amigos.”. When I got home, my sister was wondering why I was back. I told her, ” No girls, no camp.” She understood what happened. This is why I never go to a camp full of boys! It’s like I’m the only girl in Louisiana! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity. Not really it just happened naturally.



One thought on “Why am I the ONLY GIRL?!

  1. Help me! That does not have to be a BOY’S CAMP ONLY! Here’s a question…for the girls…If you were the only girl in the camp, what would you do? I rather stay at home and watch Jack and Sonic says,”PIZZA!!!” Part 1 and Part 2! That thing is AWSOME!!!

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