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Jack and Sonic Story: I Love a Rainy Night

     I haven’t blog for a long time so I made this story and for my followers, I’m going to tell you about it. Look at these crazy pictures which I done. You can comment on the pictures if you want. Check it out!








    Those were some of my pictures in the story, and thank you for New Followers! If you still want to comment about the second and last picture and yes. Those pictures came from me and Five Nights at Freddie’s so you don’t have to try to guess who Shadow and Silver are. I love all of my new followers and I am going to make an another blog of Draxie’s Adventure NEW!!! So, everyone can see the new blog coming soon. If you want to see more blogs, go to http//: Ashleigh Believe Hope. com and go to and type amsabh and you will see the blogs you never saw before. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.


Jack… Sonic… Shadow…STOP SAYING SILVER!!!


     OH MY GOSH!!! EVERYONE HAS TO STOP SAYING SILVER!!! Someone slap my face already! I can’t stand my word! I wish that I could lock up Jack in a strayjacket…but it’s not belief like. Eversince yesterday and today, all they kept on talking about was Silver. Ugh! o_O I hate when they easily talk about Silver…or Blaze too…I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!!! Things are getting suspicious and I’m gonna find out tomorrow! First, Oogie arrives and found the True Power of the Chaos Emeralds. Then, Team Jack and Sonic trying to save Team Dimension from an Oogie trap. And now, I’m wondering…is Silver flirting with Blaze?! 😮

     Here are some comments in the Jack and Sonic cast about Silvaze.

Jack- Omg with the what the what how the heck that happened infront of my face! SILVER AND BLAZE ARE IN LOVE?! :-*

Sonic- What the heck?! I never knew…but in my mind…

Shadow- What the h***?! What the f***?! Why would Silver date Blaze?!

Tails- How does this happen so quickly?!

Knuckles- I could imagine the wedding where Silver takes her by the hand and says I do. Oh gosh. This is gonna be awsome.

Amy- I knew that Blaze would fall for him. ❤

Cream- It's very lucky for them to have them in true love.

Big- I'm so happy! 😀

Rouge- I thought they are just getting this over with and now we got to wait for Jack and Sonic 5 to hear her answer! How does this story end? o_O

Omega- True love has come to him, so he let it out.

Marine- I can’t wait for Blaze’s answer! A yes, or a no? NO ONE KNOWS! >:)

Caroline- If it’s a yes, I scream in laughter. 😀

Sky- This is amazing!

Coa-coa- Silver and Blaze…sitting in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!! :*)

Ellen- This is very odd to see. -:)

Elise- I am so gonna take pictures! >:)

Blaze- What is everyone talking about?

Silver- I don’t know…not a 2006 call I think…


                                     Knuckle’s Idea of

     I really don’t get why that Knuckles would be thinking that. I don’t want to know etheir. Oh great. Well, I really can’t deal with this yet. I gotta deal with Oogie. Bye! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.

Silver- Finally, I’m over with… what is that?!


Never watch Scary stuff about Teens Reaction

                                   Five Nights at Freddy’s


     As you can see the picture on the top, those teens look very scared. That’s how scared I was! :-S If my mom caught me seeing that, she would ground me for life. My best friend, Katelyn, was trying to make me watch it. I kept on backing up when Bonnie kept on yapping at Rachel. Who does that? Aparently them. The only character they found was Bonnie. There was some cying, and some laughing, plus screaming. If I were them, I rather run out of that show, but in secret.

Rule fo kids: Don’t ever watch scary stuff. Only 10 and up can play or watch people play the game. Whatever you do, never be scared of what you see.

                                            Sonic EXE


     If you ever seen Sonic and Sega videogames which are not really that scary, this is one videogame which you never seen before. Sonic EXE is a real life game, but Sega didn’t make this. This is way scarier than Jack and Sonic 4. If you ever notice that in Jack and Sonic 4 that Sonic defeat Sonic EXE, well this is a way different ending. The teens were really freak out about this game, and this is not for 10 and up… then WHY AM I 10???!!! o_O Anyway, the game was never made by any videogame maker, this was probably invented by a secret creepypaster. In Ash and the House of Demons, I deafeat him. In this game, lots of stuff our more creepy. You never want to play a game like this.

                                         Don’t be Scared


     Like this picture,”<3 Keep calm and don't be scared", is a very helpful way not to be scared. I will give you 5 tips to not be scared. If you see the white star on the last one ( number 5 ), that means it's really important. Enjoy the tips! 🙂

1: When you watch a scary game or video, don't watch the video or game again.

2: Try to make sure that you're old enough to play the game.

3: If you are alot more younger, go to a parent and tell them what you saw.

4: When you are alot more older which could still be scared, try thinking of happy thoughts. ( always helps me )

☆5: Always Read Descripton First!!! 😉

     So, did the tips helped? You can go to http://Ashleigh Believe and you can find more Jack and Sonic and other blogs on the website! You can comment any blog you want exept for the Need more Comments thing – a – ma – giggy. See ya soon, and don’t be scared tonight. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.

Why am I the ONLY GIRL?!

     In the YMCA, I was going to the Thanksgivig camp. When I first walked in, all that I see are boys! o_O I couldn’t belive it! First I watch Teens Reaction to Five Nights at Freddie’s and Sonic EXE, then get ready, then was waiting like 2 hours because of mom, then soon as I get in there, ALL BOYS!!! This is all I could say to them,” Adios amigos.”. When I got home, my sister was wondering why I was back. I told her, ” No girls, no camp.” She understood what happened. This is why I never go to a camp full of boys! It’s like I’m the only girl in Louisiana! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity. Not really it just happened naturally.


Jack and Sonic Story: I Love a Rainy Night 2

   Now, I think ya’ll are questioning,”Why is she doing a blog with pictures…but no info of the pictures?” Well, this is the 2 part of the last blog which I done yesterday. Aparently, I am now doing this for my followers. Anyone can comment about this one like the last one.
No worries. Every picture has a story for a reason. The picture tittles are Crazy, Funny, Shocking, and OMG WITH THE WHAT THE WHAT HOW THE HECK THAT HAPPENED INFRONT OF MY FACE stuff. So, enjoy the pictures! 😉



    Now, ya’ll are wonding about this picture. Why is Knuckles in negative colors? Why is there another one of Knuckles but not in negative colors and smaller? In the story of I Love a Rainy Night, the electricity went out and Jack told Coa – coa to yell out,” Who wants to go out into a 2 catagoried hurricane and fix the wires?” and she did. I couldn’t believe Coa – coa would say that. I mean who in the world would do that?! Suddenly, Knuckles said he would want to do that and the Knuckles Doll too. ( answer to question 2 ) I slapped my face twice. They both went out and found the box of electriciy. The Knuckles Doll punched the box and Knuckles touched the doll. Knuckles was shocked by the doll because of the box of electricity. ( answer to question 1 ) The first thing he said when he got in was,” That was AWSOME!”. I couldn’t believe it worked just by one punch.
Well, at least it made life better and here’s something I want to say to Knuckles. Good luck the next hurricane.




     This is one sentence Knuckles said which really made me and my friends laugh. Here’s the paragraph.

     Knuckles and Tails were running out of their room calling Jack and Sonic. ” What was with the house shaking?!”, Tails yelled to Sonic being scared. ” I don’t know!”, Sonic yelled back at Tails. ” Whatever that was, that was bigger than the big boom in Sonic Boom which burned up Tokyo!”, Knuckles said. ” Shadow why are you wearing that rediculious costume?” ” Don’t even speak of it!”, Shadow yelled.

     That was hilarious! >:) No matter what Knuckles said in that thing, that was even funnier than what happened in Sonic Boom when Knuckles made Amy’s baked turkey into puppets! Now that’s funny!




     What happened to the house of Jack and Sonic? I’ll tell you what happened, well, Tails can. I walked away in the first paragraph in Chapter 2 anyway. Tails, you’re blogging.

Tails: Okay Ash. It was all by the storm of only the 2 catagoried hurricane ( the danger part ) and lots of stuff were broken. Jack was still on consious when we circled around him. Finally, he woke up. I told him the whole thing. I said,” You fell to the ground and got hit by the wall. The whole house has been shooked and Sonic saw you fall to the grond and he did too. So, you weren’t the only one knocked out. Everyone was.” Take it away Ash!

     Thanks Tails. The hurricane was so bad, Jack hit the wall. Don’t worry about this one. The next one will cheer you up.


                      HAPPENED INFRONT OF MY FACE



     Let me tell you the truth. Yes. Shadow and Silver are wearing Freddie and Bonnie’s costume from Five Nights at Freddie’s . Sonic could tell the rest of that part because I am laughing have to death! Sonic, you’re blogging. >:)

Sonic: Thank you very much and HEY! Sorry about that. I was just talking to Jack and my doll version of me that doesn’t mean Shadow the Faker and Silver the Iblis Trigger to go ahead, sneak in, and prank all of us. I mean, COME ON! That’s the oldest trick to prank someone! Am I right?! So then during the middle of the night, I played Ash and the House of Demons and made Five Nights at Freddie’s and made it come to life! Thank you unexpectedly wierd curse in the game! So I told them not to kill me, but look for Shadow and Silver and it worked! I told them to make Shadow and Silver to scream and to make them run for their lives and that also worked! Plus, that waw no prank, that was REVENGE!!! MWA – HA – HA – HA – HA!!!

Me: Now you’re going way to far.

Sonic: What?!

     Okay so whatever that was, that was not part of my plans. Also, beware of what you do…no matter what happens.

     So, that was the end of the blog and more blogs are coming soon. So don’t worry if some will scare you or if some make you pee in your pants, all that matters is that you may love the blogs we send to the world. There are more Jack and Sonic blogs coming soon, and we will be prepared. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.


Me: Whoops! Gotta go! Bye!!!


Shadow has the nose of Rudolph?

  Crazy stuff about Jack and Sonic this year! Especially when it’s Christmas. That video was pretty insane. Shadow with a red nose, Jack and Sonic laughing half to death on the ground, Shadia, plus Jack and Sonic met before Jack and Sonic 1. So, I guess you’re wondering why I’m telling you about this. I tell you why.

  I spotted in the video that they were in Christmas Town of The Nightmare before Christmas 1 and (2) Oogie’s Revenge. I noticed that in 3/5, 4/5, and 5/5. The only difference was the Red Elf and the Green Elf wasn’t in there. Strange isn’t it? I could at least thank Jack and Sonic with the whole What the heck about Shadow’s nose, Thespian Faker Battle, Shadia monstrosity, and Jack and Sonic 5 Shadow the Red Nose Hedgehog thing. Well, that’s your answer. Please coment of this blog! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.





   I felt so sorry for people which have ebola right now and I think we could all agree that we should help people with ebola. I was scared and frightned of what they said about this monstrosity. In the library of Schneckenburger Elementary ( where I go to for school ) apparently talked about ebola. Ms. Broussard told my fellow classmates that people from Africa are now having the ebola virus.

   She said,”This is never a silly thing. We shall talk to others what is ebola like and what do they do if they did have ebola.”. So right away when I got home, I prayed to God for the people which had ebola not to have it anymore. No one ever want to have their ears, mouth, nose, or eyes bleed. As everyone can see, no one could resist the ebola virus.


    As you can see on the top, a ebola diagram is there. There is the headache, red eyes, pharynx and lungs, chestpain, muscular, stomach, joints, skin, and intestines. That is what comes with ebola which we all hate.


    Somehow, this guy had us all worried about ebola in North America! He was a guy which got to go to Africa and got ebola. Doctors and nurses got him back to America and took care of him while the ebola virus was going on. At least, after that monstrosity, he was okay and never gone to Africa again, probuly.
    So, now everyone was safe from ebola, but there might be still someone which is gonna have the same idea and the same problem as the man. We know that ebola is still around and that is not gonna change our minds of not saving them. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.