Hello everyone! AMSABH here! My birthday is coming up in a few days! 😋 There’s gonna be a new episode of Jack and Sonic! It’s called,“Happy B-day AMSABH!!!” I can’t wait for the day!

  Anyway, Maddy keeps fangirling over Springtrap. Litterally!… Okay, I know. My friend is in love with a burned up, killing monstrousity, withered bunny who is possessed by a purple, children killing physco.
Where did I get that definition? Look it up in a dictionary! DUH! Proof. Look at this picture down below…

                                      (Da proof is Rweal!)

  There you have it! The true, one, and only Maddy! 👏👏👏 That is how upsessed she is with Springy… While-


Me: Oh no…😓

Jack: If ya’ll don’t know who Jonic the Hedgehog is, this is a picture of him.


Me: Jack! Not the time right now! No! No! Get out of here! Go away!

Jack: She dumped the guy!

Me: GO AWAY!!!

Jack: Cause he cheated!

Me: NOO!!!

Jack: And fell into the “man” of her dream’s arms! 🙄

Me: GOOO!!!

Jack: And his name IS…

Me: DON’T SAY IT!!!!

(Sonic zooms in.)

Sonic: Give them hints first!

Jack: Nah! You tell them “the GOOD stuff”…

Sonic: What ev. 😝

Me: Oh my GOSH!!

(Sonic does a derp face.)

Sonic: He starts with an “F” and his last name is Fazbear…

Me: SHUT UP!!!

J & S: Mr. Good Old FREDDY FAZBEAR!!!

Me: 😭


Me: (still 😭) Why did you SAY IT?!?!

Jack: IDK! But I love doing that…

Me: My gosh…

Jack: TEE-HEE!!!

Sonic: Good bye.

Jack: Good bye!

J & S: GOOD BYE!!!

(The loonatics run off.)

  Uh… Sorry about that… Anyway, this is oddly it of this…Bye everyone!!!

(Jack comes in the room?)

Jack: By the way, all you Google+ lovers and EthGoesBOOM lovers check out AMSABH_JACK AND SONIC_FNAF’s comment in the one year anniversary of EthGoesBOOM!!! Seventh comment!!!

Me: JAAAACK!!!!!

{The End! (ugh)}



Tails Doll in Jack and Sonic!


  Hello everyone! This is AMSABH, and I’ve been keeping a secret from WordPress. The main victum, not anymore, in Volume 2 was the Tails Doll!!! Let me explain the story.

                               Volume 2: Crime in the Air…

  Everything was normal around Jack and Sonic 1 & 2, but then when Jack and Sonic 3 was over…Things got interesting…In Episode 17: Tails Doll Returns, the Tails Doll is now on Sonic.exe‘s side. The Tails Doll finds Sonic.exe’s buisness as a really bad risk to take. Then in Episode 18: OUT OF THE POOL! Doll in the pool!, Tails Doll tries to sink revenge on Sonic and Tails, suprisenly mostly Tails. The way he wanted to do that was to drown Tails and get Sonic for ripping up the Tails Doll TWICE. After Episode 19 and 20 passed, Sonic.exe and Tails Doll couldn’t think any plans. Then, one episode saved the giving up on revenge…Episode 21: The Baby’s Coming! 2

  Without telling Sonic or Andrew (the son of Sonamy), Amy had another child, Sonia (Sonic’s Little Girl). At the end of the episode, Tails Doll told Sonic.exe that they should kill the girl, then the strong ones, then the weak ones, which meant making Sonic.exe over throwing Satan. In Episode 22: Fun with Tails Doll, Sonic.exe tries the plan. The Tails Doll snuck into the one-week-old girl’s room and tried to scare her. She just woke up and laughed. The Tails Doll said, “Why aren’t you scared of me,” which made the child say her first words. “Daddy told me about you and I’m now not scared of you,” she said. The Tails Doll didn’t know she could talk. So, the plan was canceled for that night. Not even being recorded, Sonic.exe spanked the Tails Doll 666 times! Get it? 666? 😜

  Anyway, then in Episode 23: Tails Doll in the Park, the Tails Doll glitches every ride whenever Tails or Sonic was on it. None of the plans Tails Doll tried to do worked. Afterwards, the main important episode of the volume was Episode 24: Tails Doll Mayhem Part 2? Jack and Sonic fans, the video game Tails Doll Mayhem was part 1. Duh. If you never heard of it, Episode 24 would help.

  In the episode, Fiona was captured and Tails couldn’t find her. The only memory he now had of her was his crossbow Fiona gave him in the begining of the videogame. Sonic asked Tails if he wanted to go to Trunk or Treat. Tails said,“Sonic, I’m not in the mood. You should know how much stress I’ve been going through this week, you know, with Fiona beeing gone.” Sonic then said,“Well, if you’re not coming, you’re not going to have the only non-stressful time of Halloween. By the way, this will help you forget about Fiona and the Tails Doll. So, why don’t you get your costume on and I’ll get Ash and Cream. Is that a good plan?” Tails thought for a second and said ok. “But,” Sonic said,“please don’t mension anything about Fiona, the Tails Doll, and don’t bring the crossbow.” Tails kept the promise and dropped the crossbow. The stupid part was Tails putting on a Foxy costume. Going to the party was a terrible dessicion. Apparently, Cream couldn’t go because she was stuck in a pizzeria full of robots.

Jack: Does that give you a hint?! 😜

  My god…Anyway, when we got there, Maddy (my FNAF friend) was the first person talking to us and it was first time being on Jack and Sonic. She was wondering why Sonic wasn’t in a costume. Sonic gave a perfect answer. This is what he said…

Sonic: Oh, um, because Shadow was dared to burn my Freddy costume. So then, I was going to be Golden Freddy. Then, Shadow was mad at me for stealing his costume. So, I dressed up as Springtrap, and it reminded me of that Freddy Fazbear suit. There was nothing else to wear for Halloween, so I’m not going to wear any costume this

year. Sorry.

  Maddy wasn’t sure about the answer, but she was okay with it. In the middle of the episode, the Tails Doll appeared and chased Tails. He pulled out a knife and chased Tails around the party. Tails quickly hid behind a tree and built a Foxy mask and suit. Sonic and I were trying to catch the Tails Doll. Then, we heard a rustle in the tree. Tails came out disguised as Foxy. Sonic, the Tails Doll, and I didn’t expect him to build the suit that quick. This is what happened…

Tails Doll: What are – who are you?!

Tails: Uh……

*Tails pressed a button on a recorded machine.*

Recorded Machine: Why ya’ don’t know who me am? Why, I’m Foxy the Pirate Fox. Ya’ got a hint now.

Sonic: Wait, but you’re supposed to be in the pi-*Sonic then realized it was Tails. (Tails didn’t wear yellow contacts.)* Oh, hi there Foxy! You look so different…and smaller in real life, I couldn’t recognise you!

Me/Tails Doll: Say what?

Recorded Machine: Aye’ me Sonic. Can we talk som’where quiet, like in the building over there?

Sonic: Uh, sure. I guess we can go “chat” for a “little”.

Recorded Machine: Let’s go, fellow brother! I mean, yeah, just fellow.

*They both went inside the building where the inside part of the party was. Tails took off his mask.*

Sonic: Tails, that was amazing! How did you know how to trick us?

Tails: Easy. This recorded machine makes me talk like Foxy. Since I already had the pants and the ears and the hook and the tears of Foxy, I made a mask, a suit, and the R.M.

Sonic: Your two tails?

Tails: It’s just my Halloween sack as a tail.

Sonic: Wow…Pretty smart…And that’s how you should forever be…Come on! Get your crossbow and say nothing to no one.

Tails: That’s how I like you to be.

*They both fist-bumped each other, and Tails ran off.*

*Meanwhile, the Tails Doll saw Tails take off the Halloween bag, stopped pretending it was one tail, and flew off.

Tails Doll: That stab-backing, orangy-yellow, two-tailed trickster!…No wonder Foxy had blue eyes! It’s not even Foxy!!!

Me: Hey Tails! Try not to act like Foxy to everyone, or else the police station would think you caused the bite!

Tails: One thing! It was really Mangle!

Me/Tails Doll: Oh!

Everyone in the party: Oh!


                                         Tails’ Foxy suit!

  That was really it of the episode. Then…came Jack and Sonic 4…Jack and Sonic 4 was VERY interesting. The ending was a shock. The Tails Doll asked Tails if Tails can shoot him. Tails shooted the Tails Doll, then gone super, and defeated Sonic.exe. After the fight, Tails decided to fix up the Tails Doll. Tails explained why he fixed him up. The Tails Doll agreed. So, now the Tails Doll is now forever…a good guy…
                                         The End…

  So, now you get what happened…The Tails Doll is going to be in Jack and Sonic 5!!! Jack and Sonic 5 is a Tails Doll Christmas special. By the way, though I’m not supposed tell you this, I can trust ya’ll with this. The Tails Doll gets a girlfriend for Christmas…The Fiona Doll. (Lol. Spoil alert…) That’s the secret. I guess this is it of telling ya’ secrets. Bye everyone!

P.S. This is my dog.


(Now the end.)

My theory of Foxy…WAS WRONG?!?!?!?!


  NOTHING in EthgoesBoom MAKE SENCE! This is AMSABH, and I am confused! The Foxy theories I made were ALL WRONG!!! In the end of BB PLAYS: Escape the Prison ll AN OLD FRIEND RETURNS, THIS is what happens!…

From BB PLAYS: Escape the Prison ll AN OLD FRIEND RETURNS

BB: WOAH! What is that?



*breaking glass and wall sound*

??? (OF COURSE IT’S FOXY! AGAIN, WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?!): Ow…Rough landing. Hehe…

BB: Foxy?! Is that you?!

*HAPPY music turns on*

Foxy: Ow…Oh, hey BB! It’s so good to see you again! I’m back in the pizzeria! This is amazing!

BB: 😮 Wha? Where were you?!

Foxy: I was in a magical place full of rainbows, freshly cut grass, and adventures! SO MANY ANDVENTURES! 😄😄😄

BB: 😓 Oh…That’s great…

Foxy: Oh, it’s so great to be back! I can’t WAIT to see my best friends! Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Golden Freddy, Mangle, and that rascal the Puppet! Where is he?! Come give me a hug! *pirate laughing*

BB: Uh, Foxy? Are you okay? You’re not acting like yourself…

Foxy: Are you KIDDING ME?! I FEEL GREAT! Now I’m going to go off and say hi to everyone! See ya’ BB! *more pirate laughing*

BB: 😓😓😓 Uh…What just happened?… 😓😓😓

  That’s what really happened, so here’s my official theory today.

Was Foxy in FNAF WORLD?!

  The hints of this theory was when Foxy said this line…

Foxy: I was in a magical place full of rainbows, freshly cut grass, and adventures. SO MANY ADVENTURES!


  In the teaser of FNAF World, grass is everywhere in the background, but there isn’t a rainbow in the sky. Scott said that the game required strategy and adventure, and Foxy did say SO MANY ADVENTURES!!! 😄😄😄. So pretty much, Foxy had a good glimpse of FNAF World…

   Well, that’s my theory and the blog. Apparently, there will probably be no part 2 of What happened to Foxy?! I know, sad thing. Happy late Thanksgiving! I already have a Christmas wallpaper for this year. Check it out, and I’ll see ya’ all next time! Bye!!!

My two Christmas wallpapers!!!


                                           Lock Screen


Home Screen (This picture was seen in Jack and Sonic Christmas.)


                                   Thank you for seeing!!!


What Happened to Foxy from EthgoesBoom?!


11/23/15  Whatever time it is, I don’t really care…

  Hello everyone! AMSABH here! I finally got a chance to make a blog. By the way, it’s my one-year-anniversary with WordPress! Exciting, huh?! So, this was my idea. Over the months without a time to make a blog, I’ve been upsessed with this youtuber EthgoesBoom. I love his videos, the voices of the characters, and the ideas he comes up with. Eth, I gotta say you’re awsome than who you think you are…

  Anyway, today I was watching his video FREDDY, BONNIE AND CHICA REACT TO: FNAF World Trailer. The begining of the episode concerned me. This is what I heard.

Bonnie: Yeah, I’m REALLY excited too, but Freddy, are we forgeting someone?

Freddy: Uh, what do you mean Bonnie?

Bonnie: Uh…Where’s Foxy?

  I was suprised what I heard. Foxy is, like, in every reaction episode I know. There was no way Eth could do it without him. I was wondering what happened to him, until I heard this.

Freddy: Oh, well, I’m not going to lie to ya’ guys, but I have no idea where Foxy is. After he recorded that reaction video last week, he, uh, kinda dissapeared and I don’t know where he went. He’s not in his Pirates Cove, and he’s not anywhere in the pizzeria.

Chica: Oh no! That’s awful!

  When I heard that, I thought he was stollen or took away. So, I made some theories…

Sonic.exe captured Foxy? (IDK)


  Here is some proof of this theory from two EthgoesBoom episodes, and they are GOLDEN FREDDY PLAYS: Sunky.MPEG and BB PLAYS: Sonic.exe


Golden Freddy: Well, honestly, I don’t know much about Sunky, but I do know alot about Sonic.exe…

From BB PLAYS: Sonic.exe

Freddy: BB! Don’t play that game!

BB: Oh, hi Freddy. Why can’t I play this game?

Freddy: Because, it’s an evil game!…I’m warning you, BB… Don’t play it…Okay?

BB: Oh, okay Freddy…

*Freddy leaves the room.*

BB: What was he talking about?… How could Sonic the Hedgehog be a cursed game? I mean I don’t remember Sonic looking like this…Uh, maybe I’ll just give it a little play…Hee hee. Yeah!

BB: Oh…THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!!!…Oh, a Knuckles level?!…No, I don’t want to play this anymore! I don’t want to play this! I can’t get out of my seat! Something is holding me down!…BUT I CAN’T SEE IT!!!

??? (Of course it’s Sonic.exe. Who do you think it is?): Play…the…GAME…

BB: Ah! Okay, okay, I’ll play it! JEEZ!…A Knuckles level I guess…


  Well, there you have it. Proof… 😓 IDK what to say anymore about this mess, but I can tell you the story…Okay then. *clear throat* Sonic, why don’t you talk about the story?

Sonic: Okay Ash. Hi everyone! This is Sonic the Hedgehog speaking, and I am also addicted to Eth’s channel. When I watched BB PLAYS: Sonic.exe, I felt bad for him…I even gave him hints on Round2.exe. Eth, I promise when BB plays that game, he’ll be better. Anyway, Ash’s theory…Okay…These two videos, infact three episodes, gave proof of where Foxy might be…The third video is BEHIND THE BOOM #1: Channel Voice Changes. Eth said that Foxy and BB are like brothers and a symbol of Eth with his brother. Since BB played Sonic.exe without Foxy knowing about the mess, Sonic.exe maybe came back in suprise and took Foxy away. Legend of Sonic.exe does say this…

If anyone plays the game, Sonic.exe, they will be cursed until a miracle or strange dream about him happens…

Sonic: …Apparently, Ash delt with this situation and fixed her problem. A miracle AND a dream happened. The weird part,
Sonic.exe thought Ash was the bravest person he ever met…Wow…Pretty suprising…Anyway, the point is Foxy might be lost in Hell with Sonic.exe where no one thinks they can escape. It’s weird to think that Freddy would just keep a haunted secret without telling Foxy. Hah! Okay, back to ya’ Ash!

  Thanks Sonic! Now, MY NEXT THEORY!

Let’s Find some Animatronics…


11/24/15  11:06 PM

  This is also a IDK thing. I had a dream last night where Foxy gone out of the pizzeria. During the day he goes searching for animatronics, but at night God sets him to rest. When he got back to the pizzeria, he found the nightmare animatronics from the Halloween Special mode of FNAF 4. When I woke up, I got the tablet to see if there was any new EthgoesBoom episodes, which there were. The only one was FREDDY PLAYS: Breaking the Bank ll LIKE A WRECKING BALL!. No Foxy returning…DANG’IT! This was another wierd theory I came up with. It’s hard to think of any theories espically at night…Espically…I guess I can do this tomorrow. There will be PART 2 of the theories! I’ll see ya’ all next time! Uh…Sonic, you can say bye too.

Sonic: Oh. Bye!

Me: Bye everyone!

11/25/15  1:24 AM

Foxy: Hey guys. I’ll be home soon. Okay? Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back by Thanksgiving…Bye…

Knuckles and Vermone / Jack and Sonic Episode 11: The New Echidna


  Vermone is a new character in Jack and Sonic. The episode comes out Jun. 14th, 2015 – Sunday. Vermone is an echidna like Knuckles and some people actually think that Knuckles and Vermone in Jack and Sonic are brothers…😓 Oddest thing I ever said…Okay then. Vermone is all in red. Litterally, the cape, the eyes, the fur, EVERYTHING!!! The actent sounds different from others. It sounds like a 17 year old spanish man. He’s not like others.

  Vermone dated Rosetta (like Knux and Rosetta in Jack and Sonic 7) until Rosetta gone .exe (if you know what I mean) If you don’t, look at the name Sonic.exe over and over again. You’ll find the answer. 😁 Here’s some comments from the episode.

What are you? Another me? Awsome!

– Knuckles

Jack! There’s another echidna in the house!

– Sonic

Well. Well. Well…Looks like Knux and Verm wants to fight with me…again…Let’s dance!…

– Rosetta.exe

Okay, am I seeing double? Because, I am not on consious.

– Tails

My mind is magically blown because of ya’ll..

– Jack

Could I ask you a question?…*looks left and right*…Are you Knuckles’s brother or are you his cousin?…

– Rouge

Though everyone keeps on talking about us looking alike, we not like brothers or anything like that…Right?

– Vermone

Really, you had to make another you? Someone’s got some explaining to do…

– Shadow

Now I got to watch you two up in Heaven…Okay, fine, just no rouse housing Knux and Verm.


Well, our brother secret is only safe with us…Okay……

– Knuckles and Vermone

  Okay, I know the reason why Silver didn’t comment, but you can find out why in Jack and Sonic Episode 11: The New Echidna. That’s i-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *glitching* *Sonic.exe laugh*

Sonic.exe: You thought that she could escape…*Sonic.exe*…

Help!!! He’s sitting on me!!! Don’t worry about me guys…This has been going on…Um…See ya’ll later…*glitches*




   There is a new Jack says “Pizza?”, exept, it’s number 3! 😄 Here are the lyrics to Jack says “Pizza?” 3!



( Big Boom )

(Playing some Sonic game )

Ringtone: You got a text…You got a text! LOSER!

( Garret looks at message )

Garret: Oh gosh.

( music kicks on )

( pauses )

Jack: Boo, boo, boo. Boo, boo, boo. ( laughing )

Garret: What the heck?

(FNAF sound)

(music kicks on)

Jack: Bah, bah, bah! Bah, bah, bah! Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah!!!

Garret: Oh, WHAT?!


Garret: You have got to be kiddin’ me?




( next scene )

Sonic: I grew up in Dublin! I’m was a potato farm – a. Every night, I will go to the club! I would drink “AIL” and dance jigs! But then one day, I met a pretty las’! Her name was Ruby and she –

( next scene )

Garret: WOW! None of you sound the same as u –

Jack: PIZZA!


( next scene )

Jack: …PEEK A BOO!…..PEEK A BOO! ( took deep breath )….PE-

( next scene )

Ash: Hey Mario!

Ellen: ( long “Uh” )…It’s Marionnette…

Ash: Whatever, Mario. Come here and talk!

Ellen: ( long “Uh” again )….Hi…

( next scene )

Garret: Audio devices?

( pressed button )

Coa – coa: Blow!

( pause )

Garret: Is this for real?

( next scene )

Garret: All of you suceeded and totally dissapointed me, especially you old bunny dude.

Ash: Oh, you’re saying that because I’m PURPLE?!

( everything stops )

Sonic: You’re yellow, dude.

Jack: PIZZA!

Garret: Ok, shut up about that stupid joke!

Ash: I could be whatever color I want to be!…And today…IT’S PURPLE.

Ellen: Dude, you’re blue.

Sonic: I’M BLUE!!! ( not part of script )


( everything stops again )

Ellen: ( long “Uh” again )

( next scene )

Sonic: captured my heart with her green valley eyes and her hair as gold as mine fine gold toat. I was in –

( next scene )

Garret: Wait. Where’s the balloon kid?

Jack: Oh, we stuffed him in the vents. He’ll be coming out anytime soon.

Coa – coa: *I LOVE YOU CARA!!!*

( next scene )

( pressed button )


Garret: Oh my gosh! GOOD BYE! GOOD BYE! GOOD BYE!

( next scene )

Garret: The reason why I got this game is to be scared guys!

( everything stops )

Sonic: Roar.

Garret: Wow. I’m terrified.

( FNAF 3 jumpscare sound with Garret’s face? )

( laughing )

Garret: Uh – Huh. Yep. That – That was very scary now. Really funny guys.

( next scene )

Sonic: love, but Ruby did not return the love! So because of that, I, um, I…I forgot what I was about to say.

Garret: You know what? I’M DONE!

Ash: You just don’t want to hang out with me because I’M PURPLE!


Jack: PIZZA???!!!

( exited out )

( music kicked on )

( pressed button )

( Jack mummbling because he didn’t know what to say. )

( exited out )

( Garret slapped he thye )

*Jack making music*

That was it! Please like, comment, and follow me if you liked this! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.


Ash: Here we go again…:(



                          Issue – Phantom Freddy’s exoskeleton

                          Found – Knuckles the Echidna

                          When – 3 / 16 / 15

                          Game – FNAF 3

     This was an odd sight! Jack started the big news, then Sonic, then Tails, then almost about the whole cast of Jack and Sonic!

     Knuckles usually is the impossible of FNAF. He’s the one which usually make, let me guess, the most glitches. He made two. Let me show you them.

“Stay In Your Room”

To make the glitch, you must act like you’re trying to do the gitch, – “Fazbear Mask” ( only in FNAF 2 DEMO ). You do the Fazbear Mask 2x and the camera 2x. Then, you do both 3x, then 4x, then 5x, then you go crazy! Click it as many times as you can! 😝


• “Do You See Phantom Freddy’s exoskeleton?”

To make this glitch, or if you go on to Night 3, ACT like it’s NIGHT 5 OR NIGHTMARE MODE!!!



     Knuckles was playing it normal and he goes ahead and act like it was Night 5 all over again! I was mad at him because he was playing on my tab. “My gi-osh,” he screamed! “What,” I said. “Phantom,” Knux screamed,”Freddy’s…EXOSKELETONOOOOOOO!!!” “NO WAY,” we all screamed. Even though he died, that was awsome!!!😁

     I guess he was lucky! Though I hate his guts, still worth it. So, – that’s all I wanted to say or talk about. People were starting to make glitches and he started the mess. FNAF 3 glitches are finally found! Please like this blog! Bye! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity! Not really because it just happened! LOL! 😄

Knuckles the Animontronic Echidna?!


     WHOA! WHAT HAPPENED TO KNUX?! Long story…Very long story…This was a very wild surprise I done…When I mean I done, I mean I made him look like some crazy animontronic version of him. I think this involves with the movie Jack and Sonic 4 – A Fazbear Halloween . Comes out in Volume 3. Oh boy…

     Anyway, BREAKING NEWS!!! Knucksetta out…KNUCKOUGE IN!!! I know…EXCITING!!! Sorry, got carried away. (clear throat)

     So, here’s the deal. It was very close to midnight, (thank you mom for being asleep). Knuckles was asleep the past few, a let me guess,- 4 hours. Tails was the one annoyed. So, he tried to make Knuckles awake. Plan A was pinching his arm. That didn’t work. Tails was looking around to find some clues.

     He saw a picture that said IT’S ME! Then, he saw a poster of Golden Freddy on the wall. The other side of the wall said IT’S ME also. Then, he heard laughing right behind him. Jack looked behind also. Jack screeched as he saw Golden Freddy behind him and ran off. Tails was trapped. Golden Freddy screamed as loud as he always was. Tails covered his ears. Freddy popped out of the vents and screamed to make Golden Freddy shut up.

     Golden Freddy dissapeared. The words dissapeared. Mostly everything that Golden Freddy caused dissapeared. Tails got the idea. Plan B was Freddy screaming in his ear causing Knuckles to scream. It sorta worked. There was a scream out of Freddy, but no scream out of Knuckles. At least, he woke up. All that Knuckles could say was, “Really…Really…Can’t believe you Tails and Freddy…” Tails was mad…very mad. He just had to go on to Plan C – attaking Knuckles with Tailses character.

     Tails brought out Chica, his character. He told Chica to attack the heck out of Knuckles. And…she did…and everyone heard….


     Knuckles had the scar near his eye. He sat on Tails. Chica looked at them like they were crazy. She went back into the vents. Tails said,”Don’t tell me Freddy will pop out of the vents while laughing…”
And…It happened… Then, that’s where the mistake happened.

     I said, “That’s it…Knuckles!…” With my belief powers, I made the scar dissapear and made him go up by the roof. I grabbed Jack’s wond and turned him into an animontronic! Well, I just thought random and it selected that. He fell down to the ground. When he got up, his fur was no longer there, it was metal. His purple eyes were glowing, litteraly. His golves were stuck on. His hair was no longer, it was stuck together. The wierdest part of all, his voice changed to an animontronic’s voice.

     We all gasped. We heard the animontronics coming and popped out of the vents. Freddy was laughing at first. Then, he stopped like he was scared. All the animontronics looked at Knuckles. He looked back. They all screamed and we covered our ears! Knuckles was the only one not covering his ears! He screamed back at them to go into the attic. All the animontronics went back in the attic in about 5 seconds! Now that’s a new record.

     Knuckles looked at himself saying,”H – H – o – ow did I scream like them? Why am I made out of m – m – e – tal?! Someo – on – ne understand?! ANYONE???!!!” We all looked at Knuckles saying,”Oh my gosh….” He ran back to the bedroom. Everyone looked at me. I felt embarrassed.

     Shadow came out of his room and yelled,”TONIGHT’S NIGHT 7!!!” We all laughed. Knuckles looked at us like we were having fun. He wasn’t. Bonnie popped out of the vents and stepped out. “B – B- B – B – o – onnie…”, Knuckles glitched. “Is it hard being an animontronic?” Bonnie answered,”Yes…..and no…..It is hard because you might get torn up and rott’in. It’s not that hard because you can scare the heck out of people if you know what I mean…” “At least, you’re the only one w – w – h – h – ich understands me.”, Knuckles smiled. “Thank you for the a – a – nsw – e -er.” “You’re welcome!”, Bonnie smiled along. “Wanna come to the vents with me?! It’s easy! Don’t panic!” “S – S – S – ure!”, Knuckles ran. They both ran into the vents.

     At least it was a happy ending. So, we will fix him up soon. And, I’m really sure that he’ll get used to it. So, um, that’s it for this blog. See my other blogs, comment, and make sure you like! This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.




     Hey guys. Guess who’s birthday is?? ME!!! So, you better comment “Happy Birthday” or something Jack and Sonic thing – a – ma – giggy. Also, we are starting Jack and Sonic 7. Yay! So, I also wanted to show you some info about my birthday.
                            Exact Time – 11 : 00 AM

                            Baby Weight – 7.11 (Taller than my sister’s baby

     Those are some facts I wanted to spread around. I am also writing a story called,”AMSABH B – DAY!”. It’s all about when my birthday party is at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria and Jack and Sonic get into alot of trouble with the animontronics. Also, make sure you see my next blog. I’ll tell you some parts to the story, and a sneek peek, or a read – on of “Golden Shadow ( Chapter 1 ) ( 1rst Story )”!



     As I was saying, these two pics are the two posters I putted as the story posts. Anyway, I think that’s it for today. So, yeah, I got to start doing my story. This is Ashleigh Believe Hope, and this is my creativity.